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Salt plays a crucial role in breadmaking, enhancing flavor, regulating yeast activity, and improving texture. Adding the right amount of salt during mixing ensures a well-balanced and delicious sourdough loaf.


Instead of adding water and salt separately to the flour and starter, dissolve the salt in the water first. This technique ensures a more uniform distribution of salt throughout your bread, leading to a better overall flavour and texture.


Opting for high-quality salt, like coarse sea salt adds distinct nuances to the taste.


The recommended amount is usually around 2% of the flour weight, but adjustments can be made based on personal preference and bread type. 


Accurate measurement of salt is crucial to avoid over or under-seasoning your dough. Invest in a kitchen scale to measure the salt by weight, as it's more reliable than using volume measurements.


Experiment with various types of salt to explore how they impact the flavor and texture of your sourdough. Each salt type offers unique nuances that can elevate your bread in surprising ways.

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