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Flour on Dough


About Doughlicious

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Doughlicious formed as a group of amateur bakers and bread enthusiasts,

getting together to share recipes and tips, as well as making dough!

How it started

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Led by retired nurse and keen amateur baker, Liz Grieve, Doughlicious was set up to offer a space where people could access and learn the skills needed to create a dough, whether for baking a simple loaf of bread, or starting a pizza base.

Passionate about baking and the process of learning through knowledge sharing, Liz has sought to create an approachable and educational space, free of charge, where she could share her experience of baking with others and learn new techniques and recipes in return.


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Using only organic and natural ingredients including wheat grown and milled in Scotland, Doughlicious looks to impart the skills to bake bread at home, with the ethos that, by doing so, the local community can feed directly into the grain economy of Scotland.

Doughlicious' objectives include empowering and inspiring people to bake their own bread; providing a place to learn, share skills and experiences; offering opportunities for members of the community to get together; and promoting a sustainable Scottish grain economy.

Join us!

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Doughlicious is a group open to anyone who likes to bake or wants to learn how to begin, letting you shape your own baking journey.

Head to our Events page for more information and to learn when and where the next Doughlicious session takes place.

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